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Introducing The Dapper Lifestyle

“Arrive as a King. Leave as a Legend. Always be Remembered as a Gentleman.” – Unknown

Welcome to The Dapper Lifestyle. This is a blog about the way I have lived, live today and wish I could live in the future.

What is a dapper life? To me a dapper life is a life well-lived. It’s so much more than looking the part. It’s acting the part too. A dapper life to me encompasses it all – from being a devoted husband and father to a reliable friend and trusted adviser. Beyond the tailored pants and well-pressed button downs, there must be true substance, passion and authenticity.

My wife Catherine and I launched a menswear brand, The Dapper Dog, as a side project. Neither of us plan to quit our day jobs. We talk about how The Dapper Dog is our “middle-of-the-night” job. With two young ladies and two full-time jobs, “spare time” is a non-existent commodity for us.

As a lifelong golfer with a penchant for old-world style melded with modern day comforts and convenience, I’ve long been, shall we say, particular about clothing. From fit to fabric, I cared. While playing competitive golf both as an amateur and a professional, fit was critical. Too loose and the shirt would impact my swing. Too tight led to the same effect. Not to mention feel… for many golf is a game of feel. I feel similarly about my clothes. From cut to cloth, no detail can be overlooked.

This blog is meant to be an homage to a dapper life. You’ll hear about our quest to develop a menswear brand that will gain a following of men and boys for whom looking the part is as important as acting the part. To me that means not only caring about my appearance, but also embodying traits of a Southern gentleman. While with two daughters I won’t be instilling these traits directly into any sons, I want my daughters to expect gentility and respect from boys and men they will one day date (don’t worry… I’ve already started “cleaning my gun” to quote Rodney Atkins).

In following The Dapper Lifestyle, you can expect to hear about everything from tips, traditions and tried-and-true recipes to travel experiences and life lessons. I invite you to sit down with an ice-cold Arnold Palmer or why not make it a John Daly, because as my Dad used to say “it’s five o’clock in Bimini.”  I hope you enjoy the read as we go from the backroads to the boardroom and the links to the lounge in a quest to embody The Dapper Lifestyle.

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