The Most Wonderful Week of the Year

The Masters - Magnolia Lane

Photo Credit: Mike Beggett

I’ve always said that if they have a golf course like this in heaven, I want to be the head pro.” Gary Player

It seems only fitting that today I pay homage to the great golf tradition – The Masters. After all, it is a tradition unlike any other.

I hope you’ll hum the music to Andy Williams classic “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and enjoy reminiscing about memories you might have from walking the grounds to hearing famous calls by Jim Nantz and Uncle Verne. Let’s hear your best “Maybe… Yes Sir!” Who doesn’t remember that call (even if you were just a twinkle in your father’s eye back in ’86)?

Comment to share your favorite Masters memory and may the best man wear green. Let the toonamint begin!

It’s the most wonderful week of the year, with green jackets for winners, and champions dinners, don’t forget the affordable beer, it’s the most wonderful week of the year.

It’s the happ-happiest tradition of all, with high fives for all ages and Crystal for eagles when great shots find the hole. It’s the happ-happiest tradition of all.

There’ll be patrons on Monday, ones made on Wednesday, and roars that can deafen your ears. There’ll be legends on Thursday that conjure great glories from Masters long, long ago. 

It’s the most wonderful week of the year, there’ll be dogwoods a-blooming and Amen corner looming, on Sunday with just the back nine to go, it’s the most wonderful week of the year.

There’ll be birdies for posting, parties for hosting and limited commercials you know, there’ll be Ben Hogan stories, and Nicklaus glories from generations long, long ago.

It’s the most wonderful week of the year, there’ll be emotions showing, and beers will be flowing when a new champion is crowned this year. It’s the most wonderful week, yes the most wonderful week, oh it’s the most wonderful toonamint of all!


Hey, I know it won’t win a Grammy. But, maybe you’ll be thinking of these words come November when Christmas music hits the airwaves and there’s snow (maybe…) outside your window. And, who knows, maybe you’ll instantly be transported to that magical first full week in April when The Masters – “the tradition unlike any other” – makes us all feel like kids again!

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