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The Dapper Dog Classic Menswear and Accessories

Founded by a lifelong golfer with a penchant for old-world style, and quality combined with modern-day comfort and convenience, The Dapper Dog offers an apparel suite guaranteed to be as tried and true as man’s best friend. 

Born and bred in Athens, Georgia, The Dapper Dog offers classic apparel and accessories designed to take the discerning gentleman (and his lady) from the links to the lounge, from the tailgate to the toast, and from the back roads to the boardroom.

Our brand promise revolves around exceptional quality and superb craftsmanship blended with classic style and sophistication without any fuss. 



Founder David Denham approaches the links, the world of investment advising and his wardrobe with the same approach to critical thinking and curiosity. On the links, how a swing plane determines a given ball flight. In the markets, how a steady, disciplined approach can help reduce irrational decisions driven by emotions. In his closet , how variations in fabric blend, sizing and design can deliver a more comfortable and convenient line of clothing.

The Dapper Dog is a product of this unending quest for fine apparel and accessories rooted in classic style that guarantee unwavering comfort and convenience.

Stay Dapper,
The Original Dapper Dog

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